soft «sft, soft», adjective, adverb, noun, interjection.
1. a) not hard; yielding readily to touch or pressure: »

a soft tomato, soft ground, a soft bed.

b) easily bent without breaking; not stiff; flexible: »

Oil keeps leather soft.

SYNONYM(S): pliable. c) capable of being hammered or pressed into various shapes without being broken; malleable: »

soft iron. Copper and lead are softer than steel.

2. not hard compared with other things of the same kind: »

Pine wood is softer than oak. Chalk is much softer than granite.

3. Figurative. not hard or sharp; graceful: »

soft shadows, soft outlines.

4. fine in texture; pleasant to the touch; not rough or coarse; smooth: »

a soft skin, the soft hair of a kitten, soft silk.

5. not loud; quiet; subdued: »

a soft tap on the door, to speak in a soft voice, to play soft music. The soft rustle of a maiden's gown (Keats).

SYNONYM(S): low.
6. quietly pleasant; calm; mild: »

a soft breeze. The soft airs that o'er the meadows play (William Cullen Bryant).

7. Figurative. not glaring or harsh: »

soft colors, a soft light.

8. Figurative. gentle; kind; tender: »

a soft heart. He…was very soft and gentle with the children (Thackeray). He was fond of saying soft things which were intended to have no meaning (Anthony Trollope).

SYNONYM(S): sympathetic, compassionate.
9. Figurative. not strong or robust; weak; unmanly: »

muscles which have grown soft from lack of use. He became soft from idleness and luxury.

10. Figurative. silly: »

soft in the head.

11. easy; easygoing: »

a soft job, to lead a soft life.

12. comparatively free from certain mineral salts that prevent soap from forming suds: »

Soft water is easy to wash with. Rain water contains no dissolved solid matter and so is soft (Clifford Cook Furnas).

13. Phonetics. a) having a more or less hissing sound; pronounced as a fricative or an affricate, rather than as a stop. Example: C is soft in city and hard in corn; g is soft in gentle and hard in get. b) (of Slavic consonants) palatalized. c) = lenis. (Cf. ↑lenis) d) = voiced. (Cf. ↑voiced)
14. Physics. of or having to do with radiation that has low powers of penetration, such as X rays.
15. of or having to do with soft goods: »

For many years the chain sold soft lines—clothing—only on a limited basis (Wall Street Journal).

16. having to do with or characteristic of soft art: »

... half a dozen “soft” (i.e., psychologically or technically tentative) paintings, those by Rivers, Copley, Kitaj, Rosenquist, Dine, Oldenburg (Harold Rosenberg).

17. having little contrast between light and shade: »

a soft photographic print or negative.

18. (of wheat) containing little gluten: »

soft wheat.

19. Military. not protected against missiles or bombs: »

Hardened silos require a huge weight of explosives for their destruction. By contrast, our Minuteman is designed…for retaliatory strikes on “soft” targets (Time).

in a soft manner; quietly; gently: »

The wanderer…Halts on the bridge to hearken How soft the poplar sighs (A. E. Housman).

that which is soft; soft part.
Archaic. hush! stop!
[Old English sōfte]
soft´ly, adverb.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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